Brand Expression

Target audiences vary widely in terms psychographic and sociographic characteristics, information needs, stylistic preferences, reading habits and media consumption patterns. Audience sentiments and behavioral predispositions also change overtime in response to events, market trends and other influences. With this understanding in mind, we approach brand expression with painstaking thoughtfulness, particularly about the following:

  • The Right Voice — Brands find their fullest and most forceful expression when they communicate through the prism of an authentic voice tempered by a sense of occasion. The voice of a brand, just as the voice of an singer, resonates most powerfully when it expresses an inner truth unobstructed by pretense — a truth in harmony with the needs of the audience. Far more than the skills of a storyteller (e.g., writer, videographer, web designer), effective brand expression requires a fearless self-awareness and a deep empathy for the intended beneficiaries of the brand. That’s why, at the most basic level, we help our clients (both corporate and individual) cultivate self-awareness, empathy and a fuller command of their own voice across direct as well as mediated interactions with their audiences.
  • The Right Medium —  With the evolution of digital technology and social media, we see with increasing clarity that media and technology don’t just convey messages; they also reconfigure them, as they shape “the scale and form of human association and action”.  Skillful communicators seek synergies between medium and message that amplify the former by harnessing the biases of the latter.

Key Services

  • Editorial Services including content creation and curation across owned, earned, paid and shared media.
  • Thought Leadership including byline placements, proprietary surveys and research reports.
  • Letters to Shareholders in annual reports and crisis-related communications.
  • Annual Reports for corporations and nonprofits.
  • White Papers that translate complex and technical subject matter into authoritative reports thoughtfully tailored to the information needs and stylistic preferences of the target audiences.