Brand Definition

Corporate and financial branding continues to evolve in response to economic and cultural changes and the accelerating evolution of digital technologies. Aside from requiring greater agility and tech savvy, these changes also illustrate the importance of timeless principles of effective branding:

  • Authenticity matters. Brands resonate most powerfully when they faithfully reflect underlying realities. No business can “copy and paste” its brand. Template-based and rigidly formulaic approaches to branding inspire as much confidence as the pre-recorded assurance that “Your call is important to us.”
  • Responsiveness is the foundation of relevance. To assert their relevance effectively, brand strategies should address existing perceptions and harness the natural behavioral inclinations of target audiences and affinity groups.
  • Continuity is crucial. Branding is not a one-time project or a discrete event. It’s a creative process that continually aligns the narrative and visual vocabulary of the brand with the goals of the business.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of guiding principles, but it does capture the essence of our and our partners’ approach to the creative process and client service. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss how we can help move your brand toward its fuller potential.

Key Services 

  • SWOT Analysis based on 1) in-house data and KPIs, 2) secondary research, 3) primary research, 4) trends in media coverage, 5) research by financial analysts, etc.
  • Strategic Planning and Forecasting for 1) executive management, 2) public relations, 3) investor relations and corporate finance, 4) marketing and 5) social media strategies.
  • Audience Analytics including targeting, segmentation, predictive modeling, penetration analysis, etc.