Even the most finely crafted communications fall drastically short of their potential if they treat their audiences as passive recipients of brand messages and sales pitches. Monologues, pre-recorded messages and hortatory preaching devoid of genuine empathy do not strengthen brands or achieve results. These lapses of brand expression only alienate people. Progressive communicators employ sophisticated research methods to identify and interpret the perceptions of stakeholders that affect corporate performance and valuation.

In addition to traditional single-audience research (e.g., surveys of institutional investors, industry experts, etc.), we conduct multi-audience and empirical research that addresses the analytical needs of corporate decision-makers such as chief executives, chief financial officers, chief marketing officers, investor relations directors, independent board members, strategic planners, and executives in marketing and public relations.

Key Services

  • Surveys: 1) Qualitative, quantitative and hybrid surveys and institutional investors and brokerage analysts, 2) QuickTakes surveys before and after major events or announcements
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 1) Development of KPI models, 2) Monitoring and Assessment