Integrated Campaigns

Defined and expressed clearly and candidly, brands “socialize” with target audiences and affinity groups to achieve tangible results that serve as a testament to the brand’s value and resonance. Some clients seek to raise awareness, reach new markets, earn endorsements from opinion leaders, build demand for a new product or service, or draw people to a particular point of view. Others simply want to avoid unwanted attention. Many companies seek counsel to help manage complex crises – such as performance shortfalls, industrial accidents, ownership changes, lawsuits, shareholder activism, etc. — that threaten to disrupt their business.

Whatever the goal, success hinges, in large part, on the views of stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors, partners, experts, regulators, local communities and the public at large. Depending on each client’s needs, business communication programs encompass a variety of elements including traditional and emerging media, print and broadcast outlets, event-driven outreach and thought-leadership programs.

Key Services

  • Public Relations: 1) Direct Campaigns, 2) Media Relations, 3) Crisis Communications, 4) Research-driven Thought Leadership Programs
  • Investor Relations: 1) Long-term Equity Marketing Programs, 2) Non-deal Roadshows 3) Earnings Announcements, 4) Investor/Analyst Day Events
  • Social Media: 1) Campaign Management, 2) Data Analysis
  • Cause-driven Advocacy for businesses and organizations working to displace obsolete technologies, hazardous products, discredited theories, unsustainable cultural norms and other ideological anachronisms that continue to impede the global society’s shift toward healthier organizing principles.